Lipstick Classic 

Here is the lipstick that I've been waiting for.  It's the perfect Bright Pink shade for Spring/Summer.  The lipstick is long wearing and creates a matte finish that is not too drying.  It contains Vitamin E and the color seems pretty durable and stays on well.  The LIP FIX is a used to create a stain effect if you want the lipstick to last.  It was recommended to mix the two on a palette before applying so the product is evenly mixed together.  

I think in it's similar to Yves Saint Laurent Soft Fushcia #27 but more matte and there is more color pay off.  It's more pigmented.  

Lipstick Classic - LC120 
1201 - Plastic Tube - $7
1212 - Metal Tube - $14

LIP FIX - $9

You can purchase the products at Norcostco.  I had to Special Order the Makeup.  

Top photos with flash, bottom without flash.

Photos: Haute-Hot

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